With Queensland’s long, hot summer and our love of entertaining, it’s no wonder that owning a reliable, energy-efficient fridge is one of the most important household purchases you can make.

So if you’re considering buying a new fridge, decide what your priorities are. Are you looking for a fridge that offers ample space, a good energy rating, the latest fridge technology or do you just like the look of a certain fridge?  Ideally you want a fridge that offers all those benefits, but it can be tricky achieving this within a budget.

So here’s some things to consider before you purchase your new fridge.


When you’re comparing fridge models, it’s a good idea to become familiar with the Energy Rating Label. This label appears on fridges and freezers so consumers can make an informed choice about the product’s energy consumption. The label will give you a star rating (the more stars means the fridge is more energy efficient) as well as an energy consumption figure (kWh) per year.

There is also now a label for highly efficient fridges — which is an extra row of stars labelled Super Efficiency Rating. This helps customers compare running costs and the total lifetime costs of the fridge. Check out the Energy Rating Calculator app on iTunes or Google Play to quickly compare energy efficient appliances.


With the holiday season fast approaching, it’s time to have a cold, hard look at the storage capacity for your fridge and freezer. Have you got enough space, have you got too much space, or is your fridge configuration just not working for you?

Once you’ve decided what size fridge will comfortably sit in your kitchen space, it’s time to decide how that space will work for you. Would you prefer a fridge with a larger freezer? Do you want a double door or single door fridge? Like a side by side model? Need a flexible shelving configuration?

Whether you choose a spacious French Door Fridge or a compact Top Mount model, space is one of the most important factors when purchasing a new fridge.


Fridges have come a long way since the basic models that we grew up with. Some of the most innovative features in fridges include compartments with precise temperature and humidity control to keep fruit, vegetables, meet, fish and dairy fresher for longer. There’s also improvements in appearance including special finishes to minimise fingerprint visibility as well as soft close doors that gently shut with minimal noise. Ice and water dispensers are still a key feature in more upmarket fridge models — which can be plumbed or non-plumbed to suit your requirements.


Just want a basic white fridge? No problem! But if you are looking for something a little different, there are a myriad of finishes now available. Some of the latest fridges offer a striking range of finish options including black, matte black, silver and brushed silver. Tie in the look of your new fridge with the style of your kitchen and create a seamless and stylish space for you to cook and entertain.

If you’re interested in buying a new fridge, come and check out our huge Rockhampton showroom Monday to Friday (and Saturdays by appointment). You may also call ESAR on  07 4922 0333 to find out more about our fridges and Purchase By Payment Plan system.

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