When your bedroom furniture is making you yawn — or your bed is more of a nightmare than a dream — it’s a good time to upgrade your sleep zone. ESAR stocks a dreamy range of beds and bedroom furniture for you and your family to explore. Whether you just want to buy a new bed or update your bedroom furniture, ESAR can help improve your sleep and your style!

Bed Frame Vs Ensemble

One of the first decisions you’ll have to make when upgrading your bedroom, is to select a new bed frame or an ensemble. The biggest benefit of selecting an ensemble bed is the support it provides.

Generally, ensembles are more expensive than a standard bed base, but they provide a greater standard of support due to the boxed base with spring inners. The sprung ensembles are designed to evenly distribute your weight across the mattress. You’ll also notice less movement (and less disturbances by your partner) when you’re in bed, as the springs will support any shift of your weight.

Platform ensembles provide a sleek and contemporary look, but as the base is a rigid platform, it won’t allow for ventilation. Platform beds provide a firm base, but they won’t support your body — like a sprung ensemble will — when you move around in bed.

Bed frames may be a more economical option and they also provide better airflow as the wooden slats are suspended by the frame. As a bed frame incorporates a built-in bedroom, your choice of frame will be largely be based on its aesthetic. There’s a vast range of options including wood (pine, oak, beech and maple are popular choices) and metal (steel, wrought iron, copper and bronze). Upholstered wood is also an on trend bedding option for 2021, with the upholstery providing a softer look for your bedroom.

Selecting The Right Mattress

The quality of your mattress will have a direct effect on how well you will sleep at night. There are an array of mattress types to try out, including inner-spring, memory foam, latex and pillow-top mattresses.

To buy the most comfortable mattress to suit your needs, you should try lying on it for at least a few minutes. Consider breathability, firmness, support and the materials it’s constructed. A mattress is a long-term investment and can make a huge impact on how you feel when you wake up in the morning. Our team at ESAR offer in-depth knowledge about the latest bedding options and can help you decide which mattress will suit your lifestyle and your budget.

Decorating Your Room

If you’re going to give your entire bedroom a makeover in 2021, invest in some beautiful bedroom furniture. You can often save money and time if you purchase your bedroom furniture in a package. If you’d prefer to add just one or two pieces to your bedroom, selecting furniture that offers ample storage is always a safe option. Whether you’re selecting a bedhead, dresser, tallboy, bedside table or blanket box, there’s an array of options available at ESAR to complete your bedroom.

To learn more about our range of bedroom furniture or to just buy a new bed, visit our well-stocked Rockhampton showroom. ESAR offer the convenience of Purchase By Payment Plan, with a value-for-money range that is designed so you can get a good night’s sleep!