One of the simplest ways to update your kitchen is to buy white goods and kitchen appliances that will make food preparation faster, easier and even more fun. And here at ESAR, we stock everything you need for a functional and stylish kitchen at our Rockhampton appliance store. In this blog, we give some expert tips on choosing or upgrading your kitchen appliances and white goods.

Creating A Functional Kitchen

Your kitchen, just like a commercial kitchen, has different areas or zones that allow you to entertain, prepare, cook and serve food. Each appliance in your kitchen serves a particular function which can be broken down into the categories of cooking and storage, food preparation baking, and tea, coffee & beverages.

Cooking & storage – these are your big-ticket items that are essential for a functioning kitchen. Your list of white goods may include a fridge, microwave, dishwasher, oven, cooktop and rangehood. If you have a larger kitchen, you may also like to add further appliances such as a stand-along freezer or a beer or wine fridge. If you’re an avid entertainer, you may find it useful to have more than one of these items – such as two dishwashers for a busy household.

Food prep – many small appliances can be used to assist with food prep, with the most common being a food processor, blender and toaster. You can also add a huge range of items that you and your family may require including sandwich toasters, food dehydrators, breadmakers, egg cookers, slow cookers, ice cream makers, pasta & noodles makers and many more.

Baking – if you’re an avid baker, you may like to buy a stick blender, an electric hand-held mixer and/or a table-top mixer to create your baked treats. Good quality blenders are fantastic investments for home-bakers and can increase the easy and efficiency of baking.

Tea, coffee & beverages – this section of your kitchen can be filled with a simple kettle or a more extravagant range of small kitchen appliances including an espresso coffee machine.

Kitchen Appliances That You May Not Know About

At our Rockhampton appliances store, we are always excited to get our hands on the latest kitchen innovations and test drive them at home for ourselves. So, we’ve come up with just a few of our favourite items that can make your day-to-day life easier.

Plus, they’re simple enough to use that even the younger members of your household may like to get involved with meal and snack preparation.


If you want your kitchen appliances to do double-duty, look no further than the multicooker. From risottos to slow cooked lamb, the multicooker has evolved to provide a range of features in a very compact form. With pre-programmed settings and non-stick cook pots, multicookers are a great way to create hearty meals with a minimum of fuss.

Pancake Makers

A small kitchen appliance perfect for the family with kids, a pancake press takes the guesswork out of making pancakes, biscuits, fitters and more. Just pop your mixture into the non-stick press and your pancakes will be cooked to perfection in less than two minutes. Easy to clean and so simple to use, the pancake press cooks two fluffy pancakes at a time.

Personal Blenders

Do you love fresh juice when you’re on the go? Forget paying $7 for a banana smoothie – the personal blender is ideal for people who like to juice on the go. Compact and portable, personal blenders allow you to effortlessly create delicious cold beverages — and take them with you in the handy detachable cup.

Need To Buy Kitchen Appliances & White Goods? It’s Easy With ESAR

When you need to update your kitchen appliances, visit our friendly team at ESAR. We stock everything from fridges to toaster, with personalised and helpful advice from our helpful staff.  Drop into our showroom Monday to Friday (Saturdays by appointment) at 158 East Street, Rockhampton or phone us on 07 4922 0333 to find out more about our kitchen appliances and payment options.