Why you should invest in new outdoor furniture

When you’ve invested money in an outdoor area, and it’s custom-designed to suit your lifestyle and needs, purchasing new outdoor furniture to suit is an absolute must. Scrimping on comfort and style just won’t do! To fully maximize your outdoor space, choose high-quality outdoor furniture instead of settling for those that may be cheap and won’t do your patio any favours.

Four reasons why you should invest in new outdoor furniture:


Taking into consideration your outdoor furniture will be left outside all year round, you want to make sure it can withstand the harsh elements, especially rain, wind and sun. If you want patio furniture you’ll only need to pay for once, outdoor furniture that will still be there for you and the adults to enjoy once the crisp cool evenings roll around, invest in something high-quality.


When it comes to how your new outdoor area looks, style is paramount! The first thing your friends and family will do is test out the new outdoor furniture. And if your outdoor table and garden chairs are uncomfortable, or just plain ugly, there’s every chance the outdoor area will go unused. To put it bluntly, a modern, contemporary, fully finished backyard with ten-dollar patio chairs and a little glass patio table leaves much to be desired for both the homeowner and guests.


Including the price of your new outdoor furniture in your renovation budget is key to securing pieces that will perfectly match your décor. Before you even contact the builder or tradie, have a good look around at your local outdoor furniture stores, make a list of outdoor furniture you like, then ensure you can afford the pieces that work. Set that money aside for your new outdoor furniture.

Maintenance over replacement

When you purchase outdoor furniture that is high quality and built to last, you won’t have to worry about looking for a replacement any time soon. You’ll get it out, clean it off a bit, the most maintenance required will perhaps be the tightening of a couple of bolts or you may need to spray some rust prevention fluid on it. Finding a new replacement for your outdoor furniture can be time-consuming and costly. You can spend hours trolling sites online, ringing around to see if a supplier has your product in-store only to be told to drop in and take a look and realise the outdoor furniture looks different in the flesh. That’s precisely why it’s paramount you invest the time and money upfront and choose high-quality outdoor furniture instead of cheap imitations.

You’ve decided to invest in high-quality outdoor furniture, what’s next?

We know shopping around for the right outdoor furniture can be tricky. And you may also have lots of questions that need answering around outdoor furniture measurements, materials and requirements around maintenance. Our team here at ESAR are more than happy to lend a hand. Either search our website or give us a call 07 4922 0333. We’re here to help!